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«ABAC Group» occupies a leading position in the range of products and is the only manufacturer of compressor equipment in the widest range of capacities — from 1.1 to 400 kW.



The leading manufacturer of industrial compressors and equipment for the preparation of compressed air. For many years of development, KRAFTMANN’s customers have become thousands of industrial enterprises in many countries.

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Compressor equipment COMARO is an affordable solution for a consumer interested in acquiring a reliable, high-tech, time-tested European equipment.

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For all of her time, she opened her units in different countries, such as China, France, Brazil, Britain and Russia. In Russia, FIAC has been operating since 1996.

Screw compressors

Profitable! Conveniently! Practical!

The screw compressor is very practical. It has an automatic control, protection and monitoring system, which makes it possible to program the plant for a long period of time. This allows you to provide equipment without any interruptions with compressed air and reduces the number of maintenance personnel.

Advantages of screw compressors:

    - economy;
    - simple and inexpensive maintenance;
    - low vibration;
    - low noise level;
    - high performance.

  • Do not require a foundation

  • Corresponds to the needs of equipment at each production site

  • Maintenance of screw compressors does not require a lot of time

  • Guarantees long and trouble-free operation of pneumatic equipment, saves the company's funds

Piston compressors

For professional intensive work


Piston oil and oil-free, coaxial and belt compressors
Intended for intensive work. Provide high performance and pressure with minimal heat release due to an efficient cooling system using aluminum cylinder heads with a large cooling radiator.


Compressors and sets of compressor equipment
Due to the use of its own know-how and high technological level of performance, FUBAG compressors have increased reliability, extended service life and high quality of work.


Professional and industrial reciprocating compressors
The bulk of FIAC products is exported to more than one hundred countries. Most of the exports go to European countries. The first place among them is occupied by Germany. German businessmen are guided only by impeccable quality.


The most popular brand of compressor equipment in Russia and Belarus.
The production of Remeza compressor equipment uses components of the world’s leading manufacturers. Produced products comply with the requirements of European standards, as well as Gosstandart of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.